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Protect yourself-Dont become a Victim

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Wheather you need a stun gun or pepper sprayer,home alarm,child safety ect your order is important to us,we appreciate all our customers and know that safety is an important issue these days,crime is on the rise in the US,its not as safe as it was even 5 years ago,as the ecomony plunges further down criminals will be desperate,home invasions,robbery,rape,assault,violence,vandalism,car jacking is happening everyday,people have to have personal protection..its a sign of the times.

Crime is a Reality Everywhere!

Big city, small town, even rural communities. meth labs are hidden in rolling hills of small town areas - soon meth addicts are breaking into homes, hijacking cars, where violent crime was unheard of only a year ago.

RAPES...There were 94,635 reported rapes in 2004. The highest percentage of rape is in the Northeast. July is when the greatest number of rapes occur.

ROBBERIES...There were 401,326 robberies in 2004. Highest percentage of these (38%) were in the South. 42% of the robberies occurred on the streets, 14% occurred in homes.

ASSAULT...There were 854,911 incidents of aggravated assault. Firearms were used for 19.3% of the assaults, knives or cutting instruments 18.6%, other weapons (clubs, blunt objects, etc.) 35.6% and personal weapons (hands, fists, feet, etc.) accounted for 26.6% of the assaults.

CAR JACKINGS...There are around 38,000 car jackings each year. 74% of the victims faced a weapon. About 63% of carjacking incidents occurred within 5 miles of the victim's home, including 17% that occurred at or near the home...sometimes in their own driveway. Only 4% occurred more than 50 miles from the victim's home. It's obvious there is a need for these products.

Below is a small sample of the products we offer,click the Web Store link above to see all of our pepper sprays,stunguns,home protection,personal alarms and more,we are adding "Mace" to our online store this week,thank you for visting our site.
  • mace
  • Pretender cell phone stun gun
    Pretender cell phone stun gun
  • personal alarm with light
    Personal Alarms/with light
  • Pepper Shot Tri Pack
    Pepper Shot Tri Pack
  • lipstick pepper spray
pepper spray saves lives
See a demo of what a pepper spray can do to a person,its like being on fire.
You GO girl>>>>.>>>>>>>....

Check out our local crime blog for central texas.

Pepper spray and Stunguns save lives--dont depend on the police to help you,be prepared.

Dont becoma a victim

.The "Pretender"Cell Phone Stun Gun.see our web store for details and price,booklet below is available for $5.00 in our online. store..

protechu-your safety is our buisness

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